Our Valeting Services

At SVV we provide a range of valeting and detailing services: Our Bronze, Silver and Gold valets and our specialist detailing services as well as bespoke services tailored to meet your specific needs.

At your first booking we provide an initial consultation where following examination of your vehicle we recommend an appropriate maintenance regime: Depending on the age and condition of your vehicle we usually suggest starting with either SOLO GOLD or if a relatively new vehicle the SOLO SILVER package. We also take the opportunity of introducing you to our new vehicle protection package within our Detailing Services

To maintain the condition of your vehicle we would then recommend you sign up for the SOLO BRONZE maintenance valet, which we would typically recommend to be carried out on a monthly basis subject to vehicle usage.  Then every six months we would recommend this is complimented by the SOLO SILVER top up valet.

SOLO Bronze – from £40

Our recommended routine valet

SOLO Silver – from £90

Our recommended 6 monthly valet

SOLO Gold – from £160

Our recommended annual valet

Interior Valet – from £90

Whole car vacuumed with upholstery and carpets shampooed

Engine Bay Valet – from £60

Make your engine shine

Specialist Interior Cleaning – £PAO

For those mishaps such as spills, stains etc

This shows the process we use to clean headlights: